Thursday, March 9, 2017

Only Love Today - Book Review

 Only Love Today

 Can we live each day in love? Rachel takes us on a personal journey on how to choose to live each day in love. How to get rid of the "clutter" in our minds and in our lives and turn our focus on what really matters. Her writing is honest, truthful and heartfelt. You right away feel you are on the journey with her. That she is a friend sitting at your kitchen table talking about real life and real struggles. This sentence struck me right to my core "questions, worries and demands ran on a continuous loop through my head, causing me to choose productivity, distraction, and efficiency over feelings, connections, growth, and self-care far too often". How many of us can relate to that? This book touches on those tender topics, those bottled up feelings and shows us how we can choose love each day.
My favorite thing about this book is how it is divided into "Seasons". As Rachel says "the beauty of this book is you cannot get off-track". You can read a little or alot. There is no set dates or times to read. What you need will jump off the page for you, just when you need it. You can go from spring to winter, then head over to summer. I love that it's in short sections, it's like getting your daily dose of love in just a few minutes. As soon as I started reading this book, I ordered a hard copy to keep on my desk along with a highlighter and a pile of bookmarks. I gave this 5 stars..but it deserves 10!!! I was so graciously given this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

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